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Testimonials Cup Fever Film Cast - 1965 ( ® Testimonials Cup Fever Film Cast - 1965

Cup Fever 1965 Best

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Cup Fever 1965 Summaries

Tale Cup Fever,

The children of Barton United are trying to win the cup in their local football (soccer) league. Nasty councillor Mr Bates doesn't like them and wants the team his son plays for to win instead so he makes life as difficult as he can for them. But Barton United are offered help by the local professional team that just happens to be Manchester United with boss man Matt Busby.

Film specifics : Cup Fever

Launch : 1965-07-21

Kind : Family

Runtime : 63

Enterprise :

Cup Fever Cast

Bernard Cribbins Bernard CribbinsasPoliceman
Sonia GrahamasMrs. Davis
Dermot KellyasBodger
David Lodge David LodgeasMr. Bates
Johnnie WadeasMilkman
Norman RossingtonasDriver

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Testimonials Cup Fever Film Cast - 1965

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